Bay Trips

5 Hr Trips - $375 for 2 people
$50 for each additional person up to 4.

Offshore Charters

4 Hr  Trips - $450 up to 4 people
$50 for each additional person up to 6.
During a 4hr trip, we will start trolling at the jetties for Kingfish, we will work our way down to the artificial reef along the border. We will stop at the reef and bottom Fish for Red Snapper for a short time and keep and eye out for Ling(Cobia) that might be swimming around, then we will troll back to the jetties looking for Kingfish again.

6 Hr Trips - $650 up to 4 people
$50 for each additional person up to 6.
During a 6hr trip, we have more time to reach much better fishing grounds and allow more time to try to get a full limit of fish. We will stop and check the jetties for Kingfish, if nothing much is around we will pickup and run about 20-30 minutes. Then we will put lines back out and troll for Kingfish, Dorado(Mahi Mahi), Bonita, and Spanish Mackerel. Once we reach our destination we will continue to troll for Kingfish and then we will setup to bottom fish for Snapper.

8 Hr Trips - $850 up to 4 people
$75 for each additional person up to 6.
STATE 8 TRIP – A state 8 trip is an 8 hour state water trip(>9m). This will allow us to reach spots that are not hit very often, usually meaning more and larger snapper. Similar to the 6hr trip, we will run about 30-45 minutes where we will set down and put lines out and troll for Kingfish, Dorado, Bonita, Spanish Mackerel and on rare occasions Sailfish. We will troll to some prime snapper spots and bottom fish for them.

DEEP 8 TRIP – A Deep 8 trip is just that, going out deep for 8 hours. On a Deep 8 trip We will run out to deeper water, usually 20-35 miles out, and troll for Dorado, Wahoo, Tuna, and on the rare occasions, possibly a Sailfish or Blue Marlin. These trips are typically not a meat haul trips, they are sport fishing trips looking for bigger quality sport fish. Sometimes we will fill the boxes but typically we will catch a handful of quality fish, with A possibility of a shot at a billfish. If you want to target just billfish, I suggest you contact one of the other bigger boats in my association for a 10-14hr Marlin trip.

Tuna Trips - $1300 up to 4 people
$100 for each additional person up to 6.
Tuna trips are lots of fun and can be very action packed. We will start off by running about 30 miles, using the radar to locate shrimp boats. Once they are located we will pull up and troll behind and around them looking for schools of Tuna that typically follow them all night. We will hit multiple boats if they are in the area and wait for them to anchor up for the day. We will get buckets of chum from them and start to chum up the Tuna. Once they are up and feeding we start to toss baits to them and hooking and hauling them in. It can be a fast and furious time. Its mostly Bonitas and Blackfin but there is the occasional YellowFin, along with Ling and Sharks making there rounds. I do not give a time frame on these trips because we never really know where the shrimp boats are. They could be 25 miles or they could be 45 miles. So plan to be out up to 12 hours. If we load up all the ice chests in 8-10hr or less, we will troll our way back in looking for other game fish.

4 Hr  Trips - $450 up to 4 people
During a 4hr Tarpon trip, we will usually work around the jetties looking for Tarpon. If not much is going on and nothing shows up on the fish finder we will work our way South along the beach towards the border looking for them schooled up outside the 3rd sandbar.

6 Hr Trips - $600 up to 4 people
On a 6 hr Tarpon trip, we will fish along the jetties as well, if not much is going on we will venture north along the island looking for them.

8 Hr Trips - $800 up to 4 people
Similar to the other trips, we will start off by fishing around the jetties, then work our way North towards Port Mansfield searching for them along the way.